[linux-audio-announce] call for developers

michael mayers michael at orkid.local
Sat Dec 11 02:57:04 EST 2004

hi peeps,

I need some linux/c++ developers to help out with the Orkid Media Engine.
Its a cross platform framework with which to build multi media
applications, it is based on a modified FLTK (LGPL like) license.

I have over 5 years invested in this framework (nights and weekends), so I
hope someone is willing to help, so I can see it grow ;>

As far as linux goes, it has basic ALSA audio output support for the built
in softsynth - and it has an FLTK/OpenGL (vertex and pixel shader) based
UI. It also has a pretty sophisticated reflection/introspection based
object system - which will come in very useful for building large scale
apps. other notable features are a generalized asset filtering(conversion)
mechanism, soundfont2 parser, vertex and pixel shader support (GL version
needs some work), good layout for building both content editing and
realtime performance. you will probably need a DX8 or DX9 class video card
to use this in 3D ui mode (vertex and pixelshaders), but if you can
live without the 3D hardware based UI there is nothing preventing you from
using whatever UI library you want.

My primary development platform is windows (just because msvc .net is the
easiest development environment for me to use, since I use it at my day
job). That said, there are visual slickedit for linux and Xcode for OSX projects
also included. So I'm targeting cross platform - and I want feature parity
on all platforms.

So I need a linux developer or two to help keep the linux build going,
because I cant support 4 platforms by myself (win32/linux/osx/ps2dev).

the engine is located at http://www.tweakoz.com/orkid/

here is a quick link to see what it looks like (on windoze)

I dont always keep the source on the site up to date, so if anyone wants
subversion access, let me know..

any help will be appreciated !


Michael T. Mayers

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