[linux-audio-announce] wcnt-1.1001

James W. Morris sirrom75 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 24 10:24:54 EST 2004

"wcnt - wav composer not toilet. a not-real-time modular synthesis sampling 
sequencing, audio WAV file generator. it reads a plain text file written in 
wcnt's 'near english synth definition language' and spews out audio into one 
or more wav files."

wcnt-1.1001 is now released.  Unofficially code named 'Bog Brush', and 
available for download at wcnt.sourceforge.net

*** new features/changes ***

* tempo and signature changes, tempo can be ramped.

* sampler now has reverse playback,  and, reverse and bi-directional
loop modes.  the loop points can also be set relative to the
modulatable start point.  different play modes for when playback
initially travels away from loop.  several other new features and

* filters have had the sine wave masquerading as resonance removed.  in
place is an in_feedback input which ordinarily will take the filters
own wet_output.  plus wet/dry setting.  link several together via
feedback inputs and you'll get something akin to resonance.

* riff_data and note_data.  note_data can now be floating point values.
User specifies quarter note value for each riff of notes to suite

* sequencer has gone through a few changes to accommodate tempo and
signature changes.

* serialwavfileout will create a new wavfile every time it is
triggered.  user gives it a base file name, and the module appends a
four digit number with leading zeros.  user can specify bar to start
writing in, and the bar to stop writing at.

* stereo_amp now amplifies two signals!  has amplitude setting for both
left and right! Wo there.  Has had panning removed.

* mono_amp does for one signal what stereo_amp does for two.

* panner will range check the pan modulating signal so it no longer
tries to break the laws of reality by panning further left than full
left, or further right than full right.

* contraster is inspired by the contrast effect in snd.  as if I need
to say the effect amount is modulatable. Rudemode setting.

* delay and echo.  the input signal gain can be adjusted and/or
modulated.  wet/dry output.  for the echo, the is an in_feedback input,
and an out_wet_output.  program may abort with delay times over 500 ms
but I have successfully set times of 1100 ms.

* dc_filter specify filter time in ms to remove dc.  too much (or is
it too little?) and it will remove some punch from signal.  probably
just a high pass filter in disguise.

* range_limit to clip a signal.
* multiplier takes two signals.
* rms outputs root mean square for a signal and can get very slow.
* wcnt_exit module tells wcnt when to stop.

Please note:  Old wcnt files are no longer readable by this version of wcnt.
The examples for wcnt-1.1001 are now included with the source package.



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