[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] Visecas 0.3.1

Jan Weil Jan.Weil at web.de
Fri Jan 16 06:06:14 EST 2004

Hello lists,

I am pleased to announce the initial release of Visecas 0.3.1.
Visecas is a graphical user interface (GTK+) for Ecasound
[http://eca.cx/ecasound], a software package written by Kai Vehmanen
which is designed for multitrack audio processing.
It aims to provide full access to all Ecasound's object by preserving
Ecasound's semantic (which means you do not edit tracks and regions but
chains and audio objects).
Please visit Visecas' webpage at http://visecas.sourceforge.net
This release includes the following features:

      * start Visecas as you would start Ecasound (all arguments are
        passed on)
      * display and control chainsetup's status (valid, connected,
        looped, etc.)
      * add, remove, rename, mute, bypass chains
      * add, remove, attach audio objects
      * add, remove, control operators
      * control chainsetup position via hscale
      * display and control engine status
      * edit Ecasound's preferences

Have fun!


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