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Sat Jan 17 09:54:31 EST 2004

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Florance, 17 January 2004


AGNULA  is   proud  to  announce   it has  joined   the Linuxaudio.org


AGNULA is  proud   to  announce  it  has  joined   the  Linuxaudio.org
Consortium [0], which  brings   together  the leading  projects    and
companies working in the field of professional  audio systems based on
Libre Software.

Linuxaudio.org is  a not-for-profit consortium  of companies and libre
software  projects  using Linux kernel based   systems and other libre
software for  audio work, with  an emphasis on professional  tools for
the music, recording and  broadcast industries. The consortium aims to
co-ordinate  joint projects between     members, collaborate  on   the
promotion of Linux based systems for audio tasks, and provide a single
point of contact for prospective industry partners.

Inside the  AGNULA  project we  are excited to  join the   Linux Audio
consortium.   Since  we base   our work on    the principle of maximum
co-operation, typical  of Free Software  projects, we can only applaud
the effort  to unite the key GNU/Linux  players in the  audio software
industry and  community.  We are  looking forward to  contributing our
experience to  the expertise provided by  consortium members, with the
common  goal of     developing ever better   Linux-based   systems for
professional audio work.

Other members of the Linuxaudio.org consortium include:

ALSA project (supported by SUSE)
Ardour project
Audacity project
Boost Hardware
Core Sound
Dyne:bolic project
Fervent Software
4Front Technologies
JACK project
JAMin project
Linux Audio Systems
Mirror Image Studios
Plugin.org.uk project
Rosegarden project


About  AGNULA: Agnula (acronym    for A GNU/Linux  Audio distribution,
pronounced with  a strong g)  is the name of a  project  funded by the
European Commission  (number of  contract: IST-2001-34879;  key action
IV.3.3, Free  Software: towards the  critical mass).  The project aims
to spread Free Software in the professional audio/video arena.

Best regards,

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"There's no free expression without control on the tools you use"
[0] http://www.linuxaudio.org/

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