[linux-audio-announce] OpenJay Development Krew [OJDK]

J_Zar contact at openjay.org
Fri Jun 4 19:43:37 EDT 2004

	Finally, I would like to introduce the OpenJay Development Krew [OJDK], 
which actually is only a mailing list with little mail-traffic.

	The OJDK is the right place for OSS Dj oriented software developers: here
you should find the right audience for discussing, sharing and improving code,
take / give suggestions and similar.

	The OSS software is actually a powerful alternative (and with always
greater occurrence a refferral point) in many fields. Although it is not the
djing OSS case. There are many reasons for that: little OSS compatible 
few and small projects... few users... 

	The closed ring of open dj software is based upon few users and few 
developers. Crashing it is my intention. To do that my efforts are enclosed
in three projects (enough to cover the whole issue) :

- OpenJay.org : the user side of the opensource dj world ;
- OpenJay Development Krew [OJDK] : the developer side of the opensource dj 
world ;
- Jay'O'Rama : my personal software solution which I'm developing since 1 year
               and that will be only an alternative ;
	You should think to OJDK not as a project factory, but mainly as an improving
factor for code and a discussing place. Projects will come if needed and 

	Please...if you are an interested developer, CATCH THE OPPORTUNITY, join
the OJDK list and mail it! More than money or hardware, I need more than ever 
some community help in these directions... 

	There are already some project developers joined our little community. 
See the homepage for more info:


        Gianluca Romanin
      see you at OpenJay.Org

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