[linux-audio-announce] mcontrol-0.0.01

holborn holborn at telefonica.net
Sun Jun 20 07:59:46 EDT 2004


I released this small utility ... and sorry for the English :-)


mcontrol is a ALSA MIDI sequencer client and brings the possibility to
assign up to twelve "simultaneous" MIDI control messages for each controller
in your MIDI keyboard (Modulation Wheel, Breath Controller, Foot Controller,
 Pitch Bend and After Touch).

An example is always better:

You can send Reverb, Volume, Chorus, Modulation MIDI messages using the 
modulation wheel controller of your MIDI keyboard. Or pitch bend and reverb 
using  after-touch, or control the Filter Cutoff in modulator wheel, or 
control the Pan using the Pitch Bender ..... etc etc etc ...

Most of the moderns synthesizers can do that, but normally don't send the
midi data, with mcontrol you can record series of controllers in your
favorite sequencer.

Up to 200 Midi message controllers, can be edited and saved.

And programs and Banks of 45 programs of what you edit can be saved too.

availabel in:


Please check, sure they will be tones of bugs :-)


* Linux (Tested on a PIII 933 Debian sid and PII 300 Gentoo).
* ALSA (with sequencer).
* FLTK (tested and compiled with v1.1.1)
* Midi Keyboard (optional)


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