[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] galan-0.3.0-beta6 "vst(i) in the modular synth" released.

torbenh at gmx.de torbenh at gmx.de
Tue May 11 06:50:44 EDT 2004


i just wanted to announce the release of galan-0.3.0_beta6.

This release has vst(i) support through libfst.
So if you ever wanted to wire up networks of vst plugins and
instruments, you can do this now.

fst is available here:

we have some issues with the embedding of windows into the app. 
it will work if you set managed = "N" in your wine config.

and it will work with IcwWM and fluxbox.
for other windowmanagers i cant tell.

i hope to find this issue so that it works with every windowmanager

and for those who dont know. gAlan is a mixture of pd and reaktor.
there is eventprocessing, and there are two windows: one for the
schematics and one for the controls.

in the controls window you can have several panels with custom
background images. look here for an example of an instrument built with


galan supports subpatches. and polyphony is already possible (but i will
refine that a lot in the future)

the documentation is not very good, and the example patches are a little

but i hope the stuff which you can add from the Lib/ menu gets you
started quite easyly.

the download page is here:

torben Hohn
http://galan.sourceforge.net -- The graphical Audio language

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