[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] Ecasound 2.4.2 released

Kai Vehmanen kvehmanen at eca.cx
Thu Aug 11 06:52:02 EDT 2005

1. Summary of changes

Ecasignalview user-interface has been improved. A set of new commands 
for modifying effect parameters was added to interactive mode. Many 
bugs have been fixed in documentation, JACK transport support, build 
system and elsewhere. A severe bug in the "reverse" audio object was 

2. What is Ecasound?

Ecasound is a software package designed for multitrack audio
processing. It can be used for simple tasks like audio playback, 
recording and format conversions, as well as for multitrack effect 
processing, mixing, recording and signal recycling. Ecasound supports 
a wide range of audio inputs, outputs and effect algorithms. 
Effects and audio objects can be combined in various ways, and their
parameters can be controlled by operator objects like oscillators 
and MIDI-CCs. A versatile console mode user-interface is included 
in the package.

Primary platform for running Ecasound is GNU/Linux. Ecasound can 
also be run on many UNIX-derived systems such as FreeBSD, Mac OS X 
and Solaris. Limited support for Windows is available through 
Cygwin. Ecasound is licensed under the GPL. The Ecasound Control 
Interface (ECI) is licensed under the LGPL.

3. Changes since last release

* A set of new commands, "ctrlp-*", for modifying effect parameter
   controllers was added to interactive mode. See ecasound-iam(1)
   man page for full details. These commands can be used either
   in the interactive console mode, or from applications using
   the ECI API (see http://www.eca.cx/eci ).

* Many improvements have been made to the ecasignalview
   user-interface. Ecasignalview is a console-mode signal

* A severe bug in the "reverse" audio object was found and
   fixed in this release.

Full list of changes is available at:
  - http://www.eca.cx/ecasound/history.php.

4. Interface and configuration file changes

None in this release.

5. Contributors to this release

Patches - Accepted code, documentation and build system changes

   * Allie Stuart (2)
       New EIAM command set for controller parameters (ctrlp-*),
   * Jeffrey Cunningham (2)
       New features to ecasignalview.
   * Kyle Kirkland (1)
       Bugfix to ecasound.spec

Bug Hunting - Reports that led to bugfixes (items closed)

   * Julien Claassen (1)
       Bug with .ewf files when loaded from a saved chainsetup (.ecs).
   * Olivier Guilyardi, Jack O'Quin (1)
       Prolems with JACK transport support and ecasound's
       batch mode.
   * Peter Lutek (1)
       Problems with JACK transport and ecasignalview.

Feature suggestions - Ideas that led to new features (items)

   * Pierre Lorenzon (1):
       Ability to run in daemon mode without need for interactive

6. Links and files

Web site (and mirrors):
 	http://eca.cx (fi)
 	http://ecasound.seul.org (us)
 	http://ecasound.sourceforge.net (us)

Source packages:
 	md5sum: 77c10152f5a15da13f7876f0da30d592

List of distributions with maintained Ecasound support:
 	See http://eca.cx/ecasound/download.php

  links, my public keys, etc at http://eca.cx/kv

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