[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] E-Radium V0.61b

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen k.s.matheussen at notam02.no
Tue Jul 12 14:57:44 EDT 2005

Download from http://www.notam02.no/arkiv/src/

E-Radium V0.61b
Released 12.7.2005

E-radium is Radium and a special version of E-UAE.
Radium is a midi music editor for the amiga and E-Uae is an amiga

This version of E-Uae is a hacked version of 0.28cvs, which runs
with realtime priority to get accurate timing and supports alsa-seq
to access midi. It does not hog the cpu as much as e-uae does
either so it can be used together with various sound synthesis
software running simultaniously in linux.

E-radium has been tested with both the 2.4 kernel and the 2.6 kernel
and with a ~1GhZ machine and a ~2ghz machine. (A 2.4 kernel with a
100hz resolution timer will proably not work very nice though.)


1. Run ./e-radium
2. Unpress the "Pause" button.
3. Select which resolution you want to run radium with.
4. Connect midi-ports with qjackctl, aconnect, qconnect or similar

If you are a non-us keyboard user, you might have to configure
the keyboard by setting the approporitate type.
e-uae currently supports fr, us, de, dk, se, it and es. Pick the
one closest to what you use, and put it into the "kbd_lang"-field
in the file ".uarc-radium".
(The keyboard should rather have been mapped directly from the
keys though....)


* Move the editor-window to front, press "Ctrl + 1".
* Maximize the editor-window, press "Altgr + 1"
* Maximize the tracks in the editor-window, press "Ctrl + m"
* Move the playlist-window to front, press "Ctrl + 2".
* Move the Midi-properties-window to front, press "Ctrl + 3".
* Move the Help-window to front, press "Ctrl+4". (Use right mouse
   button to access menues)

* Play song press Altgr+Space.
* Play block, press Right windows + Space
* Stop: Press space
* Continue song: Press Right Shift + Space

* Undo: Press Right Windows + U
* Redo: Press Right Windows + Right Shift + U

* Toggle midi-editing on/off, press Esc.

* Move 10 lines up/down: Press Left shift + up/down
* Move between tracks: Press AltGr + left/right
* Add block: Press Ctrl + f
* Move to next block: Press f
* Move to prev block: press a

* PANIC! Hold down left and right mouse buttons for 2-10 seconds.
   The player should then stop.

+ A lot more. Check out bin/keybindings.conf for the complete
   list. This file can also be editied.


E-radium creates 8 public alsa-midi seq ports. Currently, only
the 2 first ones are enabled. To enable more, check out the
file s/startup-sequence.

On the linux-side (alsa-seq), the name of the ports are uae0,
uae1, uae2 and so on.
On the amiga-side (camd), the name of the ports are mmp.0,
mmp.1, mmp.2 and so on. These are directly connected if
enabled in s/startup-sequence.

Radium is currently configured to read midi from the uae0 alsa
midi port.

Radium runs quite okey on its own (v0.63), but its not quite
there yet. Until its there, running it via uae is the only
way to use it besides using a real amiga of course (altough
that is much slower than emulating).

Radium: http://www.notam02.no/radium/
E-uae: http://www.rcdrummond.net/uae/


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