[linux-audio-announce] wcnt-1.2 new release

James W. Morris sirrom75 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 29 19:41:38 EDT 2005


Available now from http://wcnt.sourceforge.net is the latest release of Wav 
Composer Not Toilet, wcnt-1.2.

wcnt is a not-real-time modular audio synth, sequencer, and sampler. it 
reads plain text files containing definitions of modules and data to then 
create .wav file(s) of the described sounds.

new in wcnt-1.2 (on the plus side:)

    * time_map
        * tempo changes are now relative to tempo specified in header.
        * slightly more accurate time keeping.

    * adsr
        * release section cannot be triggered more than once without
          an intervening note_on.
        * new parameter min_time. minimum time before release section
          can be activated by note_off.
        * new parameter max_sustain_time.
        * new parameter release_is_ratio applies to release section only.

    * sequencer
        * out_start_trig output works.
        * slightly more accurate time keeping.
        * new and improved note slide handling does not forget notes.

    * osc_clock
        * new input in_play_state
        * new parameter response_time
        * when in_play_state recieves ON, it takes response_time
          milliseconds to reach new frequency.

    * trigger
        * received code revision

    * logic_trigger
        * new function xornot, only output trigger1, but only if
          trigger2 has not triggered at same time.
        * new parameter - precision.  how many samples apart trigger1
          and trigger2 can trigger, and still be treated as
          occurring simultaneously.

    * wait_trig
        * recieved revision of wait code.
        * count parameter added specifies how many times it may trigger
          before returning to its wait state.
        * new output - out_wait_state.

    * sync_clock
        * new module which acts like an LFO but keeps in sync with
          tempo from time_map.
        * frequency modulation with snap_to parameter.

    * synth_file_reader
        * new data object which can be used to read contents of another
          .wc file. (it's not new, but it's data object-ness is).
        * can exclude or include modules and data objects specified
          in two lists.

    * param_editor
        * new data object which can edit top-level parameters of
          modules and data objects.
        * uses new parameter types which allow editing to be done
          in same way as module or data object definition itself.

    * input_editor
        * new data object which can re-connect module inputs and
        * uses new parameter types which allow connections to be made
          in same way as module definition itself.

    * wcnt_trigger
        * new module with a single in_trig input and does nothing at

    * trig_switcher
        * new module which contains a list of wcnt_trigger modules and
          outputs a trigger from one of the wcnt_triggers.
        * in_trig input causes a switch from one wcnt_trigger to another.

Not new since all time :(on the minus side)

    * filters still leave something to be desired.
    * still dogged with aliasing problems.
    * can only deal with 16 bit WAV format.


Wav Composer Not Toilet --> http://wcnt.sourceforge.net


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