[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] jack_capture v0.0.1

Kjetil S. Matheussen kjetil at ccrma.stanford.edu
Fri Nov 25 03:34:50 EST 2005


jack_capture is a small simple program to capture whatever
sound is going out to your speakers into a file.

This is the program I always wanted to have for jack, but no
one made. So here it is.

jack_capture [-f filename] [ -b bitdepth ] [-c channels] [ -B bufsize ]

Filename is by default auotogenerated to something like "jack_capture_<date+exact_time>.wav"
Bitdepth is by default FLOAT.
Channels is by default 2.
Bufsize is by default 262144.

Mostly based on the jackrec program in the jack distribution
made by Paul Davies and Jack O'Quin. Automatic filename generation
code taken from the timemachine program by Steve Harries.


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