[linux-audio-announce] Audio, Video & Arts Miniconf at linux.conf.au

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Mon Nov 28 21:30:20 EST 2005

Call for Participation

The Linux Digital Arts Mini-Conf @ LCA2006
will be held before linux.conf.au, Australia's national Linux conference,
in January 2006 at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand.

If you would like to present a technical session, please mail a brief
abstract (100-300 words) to lca-digital-arts at upstage.org.nz by
Monday, December 19th 2005.

In keeping with the developer focus of linux.conf.au, this mini-conf
will allow Linux audio, video and arts developers to meet and share
ideas, and also to discuss audio/video-related issues with the
developers of the kernel, networking and desktop systems. For all
users, this will be a great way to see and hear the variety of tools
available.  Suggested topic areas include:

     * Linux for Digital Audio Workstations and musical instruments
     * Video for Linux
     * low latency and reliable audio in the Linux kernel and userspace
     * Networked & distributed audio-visual applications on Linux
     * systems for connecting music, processing and control hardware
     * core Linux audio subsystems: Jack, ALSA, LADSPA, etc.
     * Linux media frameworks: gstreamer, vlc, xine, etc.
     * software synthesis and sequencing applications
     * recording, editing and mastering applications
     * audio & video file formats and codecs
     * streaming and network services for audio and video
     * telephony and speech technologies
     * multicast video conferencing on Linux
     * usability of music and audio applications
     * audio & video on Linux devices, e.g. mobile phones, set-top box, IPTV
     * audio/video podcasting on Linux
     * video editing on Linux
     * Linux Radio applications
     * Uses of non-standard I/O, e.g. mechanical control, blinkenlights
     * Linux games

Presentations must relate to Free and open source software and/or open

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