[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] rtsynth 1.9.5 alsa+jack (x86 binaries only)

Stefan Nitschke stefan_nitschke at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 24 09:34:38 EST 2006

I am happy that i can announce a new version of RTSynth for both ALSA and 
available at www.linux-sound.org/rtsynth

Please note: This is (as usual) a binary distribution for x86 systems only.

Recent changes:
- Fixed a bug with real time scheduling on newer Linux kernels (2.6.x).
- Jack version: Added support for dynamically loadable jack driver module.
  Full source code of the module is provided.
- Added new command line option "-p" or "--polyvoice". If this option is
  given RTSynth will use 3 oscillator/filter units per midi note. This
  results in somewhat smoother but not necessarily better sounds.

merry Xmas,


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