[linux-audio-announce] CLAM 0.90 Released

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.es
Thu Feb 9 08:02:12 EST 2006

  Wed Feb 8 2006   CLAM 0.90 Released

´New multiplied build-system, fancy applications and inter-

     What is CLAM?
     CLAM is a framework for research and application development
     in the Audio and Music Domain. It offers a conceptual model
     as well as tools for the analysis, synthesis and processing
     of audio signals.

We are glad to announce that our new 0.90 release is already
available at our (also brand new) website: http://clam.iua.upf.edu.
This release represents a big step forward to our soon to come
first stable 1.0 release and includes major improvements.

For the first time the CLAM framework and all related applications
are available in binary form for all major platforms: deb packages
are provided for Ubuntu/Debian GNU/Linux, dmg images for Mac OSX
and setup executables for Windows. This change has represented a
complete but necessary (and painful!) rework of our build system,
which is now based on small binary libraries and uses Scons as
the build tool. We expect it to reduce drastically the complexity
of the compilation and installation of clam applications for the

Other major improvements include a complete rework of the SMSTools,
application GUI, which is now based on Qt, as well as many
additions to the Annotator app.

A CLAM Network can now also become an Open Sound Control (OSC)
node, opening up the possibility of interconnection to external
applications. In the 'Application Prototyping' chapter we'd like
to mention that we have also added complete tools to create both
VST and LADSPA plugins out of a previously designed network.
It is also worth noticing the possibility of creating stand-alone
applications with a GUI created using the great Qt-designer and
the CLAM Qt-plugins. Such standalone applications can behave
either as a Jack client (for GNU/Linux and Mac OSX) or use audio
backends like alsa or Portaudio.

Please read these and other improvements in the attached changelog
and visit our website and/our mailing list for further announcements.

Although we are continuing to work toward the 1.0 release and we
expect to come up with new improvements soon, we hope all these
additions already convert the framework into a more usable and
useful tool and, as always, we expect as much feedback as possible
from all our users.

The CLAM team

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