[linux-audio-announce] ANNOUNCE: Rosegarden-4 1.2.3 released

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Tue Feb 14 03:43:23 EST 2006

The Rosegarden team are delighted to announce the release of version
1.2.3 of Rosegarden 4, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical
notation editor for Linux.

Rosegarden is among the largest and most insanely ambitious Linux
music software projects, and is the only Linux application to offer
full composition and recording capabilities to musicians who prefer to
use classical notation.


The long-awaited 1.2.3 release of Rosegarden-4 offers a variety of new
features, bug fixes and enhancements.  These include:

 * The main segment canvas has been rewritten and is now faster, more
   responsive, more accurate, and marginally prettier than before.
   (This work proved much more complex than hoped, and accounts for
   much of the time spent since the 1.0 release a year ago.)

 * A new percussion matrix editor has been added.  MIDI devices can
   have user-configurable percussion key maps, stored in the same
   device files as bank and program definitions.  Users are invited to
   contribute their own.

 * Multi-track audio recording and simultaneous recording of audio and
   MIDI are now supported.

 * A "project packager" has been introduced and integrated,
   facilitating the exchange of complete Rosegarden projects including
   associated audio data and any other required files.

 * The Lilypond export function has been updated for Lilypond 2.6 and
   features a new Preview mode.

 * You can now control Rosegarden's mixer and other twiddly bits using
   an external MIDI controller device such as the Behringer BCF2000.

 * Rosegarden is now capable of synchronising to MIDI Time Code in
   master and slave modes (thanks to Vince Negri).  MMC master and
   slave are also now supported.
 * Rosegarden's ALSA MIDI ports can now be connected and controlled
   using an external ALSA connection manager such as qjackctl (thanks
   to Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas).

 * The default sequencer timer selection should be better behaved than
   in 1.0 (eliminating the dreaded "Rosegarden only plays the first
   note" problem).

 * Effects plugins can now be applied to groups of audio instruments
   at the buss stage.
 * Many new icons and improved versions of old icons have been added
   (thanks to Vladimir Savic).

 * The build system now uses scons instead of autotools.

This release also sees hundreds of bug fixes, including fixes to some
long-standing issues with DSSI plugin support, JACK transport
synchronisation, and punch-in recording.

For more information about Rosegarden and what it can do for you,
please see


Rosegarden is Free Software under the GNU General Public License.

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