[linux-audio-announce] Rivendell v0.9.66

Fred Gleason fredg at salemradiolabs.com
Wed Feb 15 15:29:05 EST 2006

I'm pleased to announce the release of Rivendell v0.9.66.   Rivendell is a 
full-featured Radio Automation System that is available under the GNU General 
Public License.  From the NEWS file:

*** snip snip ***
   CD Ripper Enhancements.  Major enhancements have been made to the
   CD ripper functionality in the RDLibrary module, including:

      CD-TEXT Support. The rippers now use CD-TEXT data in
      preference to the FreeDB.  If no CD-TEXT data is found on a
      disk, then the FreeDB is searched as before.

      International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) Support.  If
      found, the rippers will now record the ISRC string from each
      track.  These strings can be viewed and/or edited in the
      'CutInfo/Record' dialog box.

      Automatic Cart/Cut Generation.  In the Full Disk ripper, it's
      now possible to rip an entire CD into the system with just a few
      mouse clicks.  This can be done on a track-by-track basis by
      clicking the 'Add New Cart' button in the Select Cut dialog, or
      for all the tracks at once by clicking the 'Set All New Carts'

   New Build Targets.  It's now possible to build Rivendell as a 
   Slackware package by doing 'make slack' (requires the Slackware
   packaging tools) or as a SLAX module by doing 'make slax' (requires
   the Linux-live scripts and the Slackware packaging tools).

   RDCatch Enhancements.  The previous hard-coded system-wide limit of
   16 RDCatch decks has been removed, making it possible to configure
   and use an arbitrarily large number of decks.

   Miscellaneous Bugfixes.  See the ChangeLog.

Library Versions:
   This version requires that, at a minimum, libradio-0.96.1 and
   librhpi-0.94.5 be installed.  If installing from RPM, the version of
   the currently installed libraries can be determined by doing:

      rpm -q libradio
      rpm -q librhpi

Database Update:
   As always, be sure to run RDAdmin immediately after
   upgrading to allow any necessary changes to the database schema to
   be applied.
*** snip snip ***

Further information, including download links can be found at:



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