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 [Apologies for cross-posting, please circulate where appropriate.]


 The l.o.s.s project promotes and supports the use of free, open source
music software, in conjunction with Creative Commons (CC) licensing
which accepts and encourages sharing.

 As well as a CD of curated work (also available for free download),
the project's online presence is intended to become a focal point for
artists working with open source software, and releasing their work
through CC licenses. Please visit the website for details of how to
contribute tracks.

 The aim of the project was not to portray any kind of 'open source'
sound, but to offer an array of some of the interesting work people are
creating with what is available. The result is an incredibly diverse
compilation of internationally renowned artists, encompassing
electronica, soundscapes, hiphop and electro-acoustic amongst other

 Contributions for the CD include work by Nullpointer, Ava, Edge
Effect, Jake Harries, Collective Motion, Panayiotis Kokoras, DJ Auto,
Chaos Butterfly, Slub, Minimal Turntablist Crew and Elektronengehirn.

 Even the artwork was produced using open source techniques by Matt
Gray (Ava), and the album was mastered at Mirror Image Studios in
Minneapolis, again, using the Linux operating system and libre

 The project is run by the registered charity Access Space, a free
media lab based in Sheffield, promoting open source software and using
recycled hardware.

 More info, and downloads of more open source music, visit:


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