[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] Shelljam 0.0.4 Overtones Edition! ;)

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Thu Mar 9 14:00:30 EST 2006

Got a demo n a new release for ya! Check it out!

/* http://shelljam.sourceforge.net */

Hi, thanks for reading. Your host-to-brand-new-overrated software, Carlo
Capocasa, has his pleasure welcoming you to this group of pixels that
mysteriously enough makes sense to you (ask a fly what he has to say of
this message).


Thought so.

/* http://shelljam.sourceforge.net */

In any case, there have been program updates (touchpad controlled Saw
Wave Overtones! Ohboyohboyohboy this is great! Couple it with Zyn and...
MAAAAAN! This is so awsome :) And, it actually gives you more control
than the purchasable hardware bug-prone heavy-to-carry
performance-latency-issue knob controlled MIDI hardware out there,
because you can control _two MIDI controllers with just one finger_. The
world seriously needs laptops with more than one touchpad :

Also, on the web site is a little bit of my famous irrevent humor as a
goodie (except when you are the target), a brand new mug shot (yes, I do
actually look that way, and I have been boxing but I wasn't serious
enough about it for it to change my appearence), and a brand new demo of
the brand new touchpad controlled overtones saw-wave goodie feature,
complete with Zyn patch and S24 live recording. Of course, directly
listenable in your beloved OGG Vorbis.

/* http://shelljam.sourceforge.net */

Oh yeah and everything in my last smackdown release is fixed, the new
MIDI system is really fantastico, and the UI is still nonexistent. DUH.
It works though. And the thing looks really great in my mind... cross
graphics mode user interface!

All this, and of course the program pre-compiled and
partly-statically-linked and hence probably readily to use, or also as
spiffy simplified source text files if you so prefer, at the same
location as always,

-> http://shelljam.sourceforge.net



/* http://shelljam.sourceforge.net */

/* Yeah, I really MEAN it! ;) */

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