[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] xjadeo-0.4.0-rc1

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Thu Nov 30 18:10:10 EST 2006

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xjadeo-0.4.0-rc1  - X Jack Video Monitor


Xjadeo is a simple movie player that synchronizes video to an external
time source such as jack transport. It is intended to aid sound
composition to a video clip.

This is a rewrite of the previous 0.1 release and a
conclusion of the ongoing development during the last year.

New Features include
 * displays: Xv, x11+imlib2
 * fullscreen and letterbox video
 * improved video file reading via ffmpeg
 * on screen display
 * configuration file
 * LASH - session management
 * optional GUI - qjadeo
 * remote control interface
 * Midi Time Clock quarterframe sync
 * documentation
 * OSX support (experimental)

Release Notes:

Mixing ffmepg and Xv may produce unexpected effects on some
architectures. Please report them as those are the main reason for this
release-candidate: http://xjadeo.sourceforge.net/doc/ar01s03.html#problems

Although there are many new Features, only the on-screen-display might
have an impact on the perfomance of xjadeo. since 0.3.13 xjadeo
uses gettimeofday(3) for it's internal timekeeping. - it appears that
using clock(3) was a major-bug in the original xjadeo code, though not

The default xjadeo configuration is to run with a low profile:
Additional Features need to be enabled explicitly (LASH is an
exception). Performance highly depends on the Codec and geometry of the
video file: the -K, -k arguments allow to seek many file formats - but
is intended only for preview!

There are open ends in osX support: This version includes workarounds
for use with ffmpeg on PPC. , but they might not work for all versions
of ffmpeg. - Are you an intel-mac user who succeeded to run 'make test'
in the ffmpeg svn src? - give us a wink  :)

http://packman.links2linux.org/package/xjadeo/ provides SuSE-RPMs for
i586 and also for x64-64bit. many thanks! We are pleasantly surprised,
since we expected serious video-Codec and xjadeo-Xv problems for 64 bit
architecture. We have not tested any of the RPMs ourselves. - imlib
display + mjpeg codec should work though.

A beta-devel debian package can be built from source and the
xjadeo.spec.in is intended for FC4 RPMs.

robin /at/ gareus /dot/ org
luisgarrido /at/ users /dot/ sourceforge /dot/ net

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