[linux-audio-announce] Linuxaudio.org introduces a dedicated IRC channel

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Wed Oct 25 14:42:15 EDT 2006

October 25, 2006 -- Linuxaudio.org introduces a dedicated IRC channel

If applicable, please forward to your respective mailing lists.

With the help of consortium's new staff member Cezar Halmagean,
the Linuxaudio.org now offers a dedicated IRC channel for its members
as well as a resource for the entire Linux audio community.

The ##linuxaudio channel can be accessed via irc.freenode.org.

(please note double "#" in the channel name)

Linuxaudio.org is a not-for-profit consortium of libre software
projects and artists, companies, institutions, organizations, and
hardware vendors using Linux kernel-based systems and allied libre software
for audio-related work, with an emphasis on professional tools for 
the music, production, recording, and broadcast industries. The consortium
aims to co-ordinate joint projects between members, collaborate on the 
promotion of Linux based systems for audio tasks, offer programs beneficial 
to members and subsequently its mission, and provide a single point of 
contact for prospective industry partners.

More information on the Linuxaudio.org consortium can be obtained by


Press contacts: Ivica Ico Bukvic at (ico at linuxaudio dot org)


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