[LAA] PHASEX-0.11.0 released

William Weston weston at sysex.net
Tue Aug 7 14:22:26 EDT 2007

Version 0.11.0 of the [P]hase [H]armonic [A]dvanced [S]ynthesis
[EX]periment is ready for download (source tarball and FC6 RPMs) at:


This release contains many fixes and improvements and is highly
recommended for all PHASEX users.  Here's a brief list (see the
ChangeLog for more details):

Engine fixes:  Filters and oscillator bandlimiting are now properly
tuned (taking into account filter oversampling) and work as
documented.  Calculations for lookup tables are more accurate.  The
envelope curve has been improved and sounds a lot more natural.
Additional bugfixes are found in the ALSA MIDI startup and JACK
shutdown code.

Engine optimizations:  A few simple optimizations have been worked
out, with an average of about 30% CPU cycle reduction per voice, and
about 30MB of memory overall.  For custom builds, the engine can
easily be fine-tuned in phasex.h, and the --enable-arch= configure 
option supports all x86 CPU types supported by gcc-4.1.2.

Improved patch bank:  The entire bank is preloaded into memory.  
There is now support for patches in alternate directories.  The
memory modes have been reworked (and finally documented in the
runtime help system).  Multiple patches from a directory may now be
loaded into the patch bank at once.

GUI updates: Special thanks goes out to Pete Shorthose for providing
the initial backing store code and some pearls of GTK wisdom to make
window redrawing and tab switching faster and smoother.  For those 
of you who haven't done so already, now would be a good time to 
enable backing store in your X server.

Knob and control updates:  Scroll wheel support has been added to
the knobs and alternate controls.  Middle-click centering of knobs
is more responsive.  The cumbersome combobox lists have been changed
to detent knobs with clickable value labels.

Parameter locking:  Parameters can now be locked down to their
current values, effectively blocking out program changes, patch
loads, and MIDI controller messages on a per-parameter basis.

New settings:  The base A4 tuning frequency and backing store can
now be set in the preferences dialog.


/* William Weston <weston at sysex.net> */

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