[LAA] TkEca 4.2.0 Released!

Luis Pablo Gasparotto luispa8 at yahoo.com.ar
Sun Aug 19 21:10:23 EDT 2007

After a lot of time I decided to add new features to TkEca.

- Main window components expands to fit all available space.
- Bigger Effects window, components expands to fit all available.
- Options window components expands to fit all available.
- Master volume window.
- Tracks header was eliminated.
- Track volume controls max set to 400.
- Bug when adding tracks with one or more previous "Solo" tracks.
- Bug in the Wave File delete warning window.
- Effect windows shows track name in replace of track number.
- Toplevel windows have a more descriptive title.
- Button "Pause" was eliminated.
- Certain buttons get disabled after "Play" button is pressed.
- "Stop" button in Effect windows.

You can download the last version of TkEca from here:


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