[linux-audio-announce] ANNOUNCE: Rosegarden 1.5.0 released

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Tue Feb 6 05:21:08 EST 2007


The Rosegarden team are happy to announce the release of version 1.5.0 
of Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor 
for Linux.


This release contains a number of new features, notably audio 
time-stretching support, and many usability improvements particularly 
in the matrix view.

This is also an interesting release from a developer perspective, 
because the source code has been completely reorganised into a new 
directory structure with a far more consistent file naming and 
organisation scheme.  Thanks to all involved with the project for their 
hard work on this tedious business.

Finally, we have also changed the build system again, from scons to 
cmake.  Please read the README and INSTALL files before building.  
Hopefully this should be the last change of this nature for the 
foreseeable future.


* Add timestretching for audio segments (ctrl-drag the edge of the 

* Add import and sample-rate conversion helper for arbitrary audio file 

* Add helpful context help to status bar in track and matrix editors

* Various improvements to the usability and friendliness of the matrix 
editor: do a better job of remembering settings, make the snap-to-grid 
behaviour more intuitive and pleasing, make better use of cursor 
changes, add quick-copy by dragging with Ctrl pressed, fix several bugs

* Add tempo tapping to tempo dialog (thanks to FNPave)

* Further fixes and enhancements to Lilypond export (thanks to Heikki)

* New Invert, Retrograde, Retrograde Invert editing functions (thanks to 

* Make transport window remember its previous location

* More helpful warning dialogs on startup if something fails to start 

* Change build system from scons to cmake (thanks to Pedro)

* Reorganise code into a new directory structure with a far more 
consistent file naming and organisation scheme (thanks to everyone)

For more information about Rosegarden and what it can do for you,
please see


Rosegarden is Free Software under the GNU General Public License.


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