[LAA] Csound 5.06

jpff jpff at codemist.co.uk
Thu Jun 7 05:18:33 EDT 2007

As part of our continuing plans Csound 5.06 was release on Wednesday 6
June 2007.  Apart from the usual bug fixes and bug introductions there
are a number of new opcodes, and a significant progress in merging
CsoundAV functionality into the Sourceforge tree.
==John ffitch
Bug fixes:
     system at k-rate was just wrong
     vrandh and vrandi scaling problems
     turnoff sometimes failed
     mod was wrong
     tempest on OSX
     ATScross fixed and ATSadd output made cleaner

new opcodes etc:
     partikkel -- particle synthesis
     partikkelsync -- synchronisation for multiple particle synthesis streams
     New command line options to control messages
     eqfil -- equaliser filter
     diskgrain -- granular synthesis from disk
     pvsdiskin -- fsig streaming from disk
     pvsmorph -- pvs data interpolation
     Added new opcodes from CsoundAV by Gabriel Maldonado:
           hvs1, hvs2, hvs3, vphaseseg, FLkeyin, FlslidBnk2,
           FlvslidBnk, FlvslidBnk2, inrg, outrg, lposcila, 
           lposcilsa, lposcilsa2, tabmorph, tabmorpha, tabmorphak, FLhvsBox
           tabmorphi, trandom, vtable1k, slider8table, slider16table,
           slider32table, slider64table, slider8tablef, slider16tablef,
           slider32tablef, FLmouse, FLxyin, slider64tablef, sliderKawai 
           and an a-rate version of ctrl7. 
           (experimental) mutex_lock, mutex_unlock, mutex_locki, mutex_unlocki

A number of internal changes

     New API for allowing host applications to be notified whenever
       Csound opens a file.  (And accompanying changes to the
       recommended interface for plugins to open files). 
     csladspa - CSD to LADSPA plugin kit 
     improvements to csoundapi~ 
     csound5gui  now works for all platforms.

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