William Weston weston at sysex.net
Wed May 2 23:15:58 EDT 2007

Announcing the latest release of the Phase Harmonic Advanced Synthesis
EXperiment (first release featuring a GUI), available for download (source
tarball and FC6 RPMs) at:


PHASEX is an experimental softsynth for Linux/ALSA/JACK systems with a 
good mix of standard and experimental features.  Here's a quick 
overview of what PHASEX offers:

* GTK GUI:  Every paramater is available through the GUI, with parameter
names right-clickable for on-the-fly MIDI controller mapping and
middle-clickable for parameter help.

* 4 Osc / 4 LFO:  Oscs and LFOs support multiple sources: MIDI key, tempo,
envelopes, and inputs, all with selectable unipolar/bipolar scaling.  
Wavetable includes the basic wave shapes, both bandlimited and
non-bandlimited.  Per-osc and per-LFO transpose, pitchbend, and init 

* Modulations:  Full AM, FM, and PM (in this case, modulation of phase
offset between left and right channels) routing with per-osc controls.  
Each osc can be modulated by any osc or LFO for AM, FM, of PM.  Wave
select modulation by LFO modulators is alsa available.

* Filter:  Modified Chamberlin filter with LP, HP, BP, BS, LP+BP, HP+BP,
LP+HP, and BS+BP modes, distortion and retro (clean) types, keyfollow
modes, ADSR envelope, and LFO cutoff modulation.

* ADSR Envelope:  Standard ADSR envelopes for amplifier and filter.

* Chorus:  Stereo crossover chorus with builtin phaser.

* Delay:  Stereo crossover delay with LFO modulation capability.

* Key Modes:  Mono smooth, mono retrigger, mono multikey (round-robin
mapping of MIDI keys to individual oscs), and full poly modes are

* Input Processing:  Inputs may be routed to any combination of oscs and 
LFOs.  Input boost allows weaker sources to be brought up to level of 
oscs.  Envelope follower applies input envelope to output.

* Sampling Modes:  Supports undersampling and oversampling, giving control 
over the ever present quality vs. CPU tradeoff.

Since this is the first public release of PHASEX with a GUI, feedback is
highly encouraged.  The project goal is to provide a synthesizer to
experimental and professional musicians alike that is as easy and
enjoyable to use as it is powerful.  The next batch of new parameters and
features will be a result of feedback from the community, so please, don't
be shy.


/* William Weston <weston at sysex.net> */

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