[LAA] PHASEX-0.10.1

William Weston weston at sysex.net
Fri May 4 04:28:14 EDT 2007

PHASEX-0.10.1 is a buildfix and bugfix release, highly recommended for 
anyone who currently has 0.10.0.  Here's the changelog:

* Fixed delay buffer size crash bug.
* Rebuilt config.h from configure.ac (fixes undefined PHASEX_DIR).
* Added engine thread cancellation point.
* Changed order of setting up JACK callbacks (might help jackdmp?)
* Moved main sample rate init code from samplerate callback to jack thread.
* Fixed oversampling mode.
* Fixed typo on bank.c.
* Disabled debug output in help.c.
* Added --enable-debug= option to configure.
* Fixed volume of bassy-plucked-lead and zeroed input boost on all 

I'm still looking into issues with older versions of GTK-2.x.  It looks 
like the current minimum GTK version is somewhere around 2.6 or 2.8.  Most 
of the non-FC6 build issues appear to be related to this.

Reports for SMP, non-FC6, and jackdmp systems would be very helpful, as 
these are the things I can't test right now.

Thank you all for the valuable feedback!  I'm already getting a good sense
of what's needed most and where things should go in the project roadmap.  
Based on responses so far, the roadmap up to 0.20.0 should look something
like this:

0.11.0	Bugfixes, buildfixes, code cleanups, GUI aesthetic issues.
0.12.0	Rework patch bank system to support alternate patch dirs and 
	  include a patch chooser.
0.13.0	LASH support.
0.14.0	Fine-tune threads (remove locks), optimize dsp code more.
0.15.0	New small features and simple GUI enhancements.
0.16.0	Implement LFO clock-sync for MIDI clock and JACK transport.
0.17.0	JACK MIDI support.
0.18.0	Multitimbral or multiple instance support.
0.19.0	Overhaul parameters to add generic ctlr-float conversions 
	  and add mod-matrix (w/ velocity and aftertouch handling).
0.20.0	OSC and DSSI support.


/* William Weston <weston at sysex.net> */

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