[LAA] [ANN] Faust released

Yann Orlarey orlarey at free.fr
Mon May 28 15:55:27 EDT 2007

Grame is pleased to announce the release of Faust

Faust is a functional programming language for real-time signal 
processing and synthesis that targets high-performance audio processing 
applications and plugins. The Faust compiler translates Faust programs 
into optimized C++ code for a variety of audio platforms : Jack, Alsa, 
OSS, Ladspa, VST, MaxMSP, Q, PD, SuperCollider, etc.

What's new ?

- Pattern Matching : introduction of pattern matching based definitions, 
a powerful programming technique used in many modern functional 
programming languages like Q, Haskell, ML, CAML, Clean, etc.

- Support for QT4 applications : two new architecture files have been 
added to generate native QT4 applications : jack-qt.cpp and alsa-qt.cpp. 
Use 'make jackqt' and 'make alsaqt' in the examples folder to generate 
QT4 applications.

- Improved GTK support : all GTK architecture files have been updated to 
correct the reversed vertical slider issue.

- 64-bits compatibility : the Faust compiler and the generated C++ code 
are now fully 64-bits compatible.

- Improved Max/Msp support : the compilation process has been 
simplified. It now directly uses gcc instead of xcode projects. It is 
based on Max/MSP 4.6 SDK and generates universal binary .mxo on Intel 

We are grateful to all the contributors of this new release, with a 
special mention to A. Graef for the implementation of the Pattern 
Matching extension.

Useful links :

Web site : http://faust.grame.fr
Download : 

Y. Orlarey

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