[LAA] Rivendell v1.0.0rc6

Fred Gleason fredg at blackhawke.net
Tue Aug 19 13:36:09 EDT 2008

On behalf of the entire Rivendell development team, I'm pleased to announce 
the release of Rivendell v1.0.0rc6.  Rivendell is a full-featured radio 
automation system targeted for use in professional broadcast environments. It 
is available under the GNU General Public License.  Changes in this release 
include (from the NEWS file):

*** snip snip ***
   Fixed a problem where ripped cuts would show an incorrect length if
   Autotrim was enabled.

   Fixed a problem with saving the 'Editor Command' field in 

   Brought the 'build slack' target for making a Slackware package up to date.

   Fixed a minor build problem when building without JACK support.

Database Update:
   This version of Rivendell uses database schema version 159, and will
   automatically upgrade any earlier versions.  To see the current schema
   version prior to upgrade, see RDAdmin->SystemInfo.

   As always, be sure to run RDAdmin immediately after upgrading to allow 
   any necessary changes to the database schema to be applied.
*** snip snip ***

Further information, screenshots and download links are available at:



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