[LAA] Vamp plugin SDK v2.0 now available

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Fri Dec 12 05:43:06 EST 2008

Version 2.0 of the Vamp plugin SDK is now available.


Vamp is a plugin API for audio analysis and feature extraction plugins
written in C or C++.  Its SDK features an easy-to-use set of C++
classes for plugin and host developers, a reference host
implementation, example plugins, and documentation.  It is supported
across Linux, OS/X and Windows.

A documentation guide to writing plugins using the Vamp SDK can be
found at http://www.vamp-plugins.org/guide.pdf.

== What's new in 2.0?

    * Each returned feature can now specify a proper duration as well
as start time, value array, and label.
    * A new PluginSummarisingAdapter is provided in the host SDK,
permitting hosts to easily obtain summary results such as averages
based on a plugin's returned features.
    * An RDF ontology is provided for the description of Vamp plugin
capabilities and configurations (see http://omras2.org/VampOntology).
    * The SDK libraries have been reorganised so as to draw a clearer
distinction between plugin and host SDKs.
    * Better platform-specific build documentation is provided (in the
build directory), particularly for MSVC builds which now also feature
project files for the example plugins.
    * Two new example plugins have been added (Simple Power Spectrum
and Fixed Tempo Estimator).
    * The command-line host provided now has an extra-informative
plugin information listing option (--list-full).

== Backward compatibility

A detailed compatibility statement is included in the SDK, but to summarise:

    * Plugins and hosts built with 1.x and 2.0 SDKs are mutually
compatible.  You can load old plugins in new hosts and new plugins in
old hosts.
    * Plugins written for 1.x can be compiled against 2.0 without modification.
    * Hosts written for 1.x will require some changes to #include
directives, but most hosts should compile against 2.0 without other
    * Although the plugin binary interface is compatible with 1.x, the
SDK libraries are not binary compatible with the 1.x libraries.
Plugins and host code will need to be recompiled if they are to be
updated to 2.0, not just re-linked.

== Credits

This work was carried out at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary,
University of London.  It was funded by the EPSRC through the OMRAS2
project EP/E017614/1.  See http://omras2.org/ for more information.


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