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Fri Dec 26 13:18:42 EST 2008


Apologies for cross-posting.

Forwind invites musicians/software developers/artists who write custom audio
software to submit both a piece of music created with the software and the
software itself for inclusion in an audio and software compilation due to be
released mid 2009.

This compilation will strive to present both the software and audio on an
equal footing. Design of the end package will be in the very capable hands
of Paul Finn from Fitzroy & Finn (www.fitzroyandfinn.co.uk). The intentions
are for this to be a substantial physical release (Book, double CD etc -
details have yet to be finalized.)

Software may but not necessarily need to include patches/code from
PureData/Max MSP, Supercollider, Chuck, CSound, Faust, CLM, Snd-Rt, VSTs,
Ladspa's, Processing, bespoke sound apps (C/C++, python, ruby, fortran,
assembly!) et al ...

Please send submissions to

Forwind Comp.
36B Bodney road,
E8 1AY,

Deadline 2009/03/31

more details @ www.forwind.net/home/call_for_work

Nice holiday all !

Best regards,
Conor J Curran
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