[LAA] [ANN] pyjackctl 1.0 released

Marc-Olivier Barre marco at marcochapeau.org
Sat Mar 1 07:23:54 EST 2008


Pyjackctl 1.0 is out. let's just call that the "lac2008" release :-)

This project was created to take advantage of Nedko Arnaudov's JACK
Audio Connection Kit (improvements) patches, especially the dbus proof
of concept patch. It offers basic functionalities to control a JACK
daemon over a dbus interface (start/stop, configure, etc.), it also
includes a jack log viewer, a wmdock applet and a script to display
jack's state on a G15 keyboard's LCD. Those curious of how it looks
will find a set of screenshots on the homepage. You are welcome to
test and comment.

homepage : http://www.marcochapeau.org/software/pyjackctl
download : http://www.marcochapeau.org/files/pyjackctl-1.0.tar.gz

The necessary set of jack patches can be found here :

Please keep in mind that this is a proof of concept to explore new
ideas, not a finished product.
Marc-Olivier Barre,

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