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I'm pleased to announce the release of pytagsfs version 0.5.0.  This release
includes significant enhancements as well as critical bug fixes:

 * Support for Python 2.4.
 * Support for source tree monitoring with Gamin; pytagsfs should now be
   cross-platform compatible.
 * Improved performance handling updates to the source tree.
 * Support for more graceful handling of path collisions.
 * Fixes for two serious bugs affecting data integrity (#195476, #195477).

The full set of changes for this release is available:

To download this release:

pytagsfs is a FUSE filesystem that designed to present multiple views of tagged
media files. For instance, a directory tree containing audio files could be
mapped to a new directory structure organizing those same files by album, genre,
release date, etc.

For a more thorough introduction, see:

Please visit http://www.pytagsfs.org to obtain more information.  Please pardon
the particularly young and fresh website.  I'll be adding more content there

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Feedback is appreciated.

Forest Bond
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