[LAA] [ANN] dssi-vst 0.7

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Fri May 23 10:23:36 EDT 2008

The 0.7 release of dssi-vst is now available.

dssi-vst is a DSSI plugin wrapper for Win32 VST effects and
instruments with GUI support, allowing them to be loaded into any DSSI
host.  As of this release, it also provides a LADSPA wrapper for
effects plugins.

dssi-vst finally has its own homepage:


Changes since the previous version 0.6:

 * dssi-vst now exposes a LADSPA descriptor as well as a DSSI
descriptor, and the install target now installs dssi-vst to the system
LADSPA directory as well as the DSSI one.  This change permits you to
use dssi-vst to load VST effects in LADSPA hosts, as well as to load
VST effects and instruments in DSSI hosts as before. When used in a
LADSPA host, the VST GUI will not be shown unless the host supports
DSSI-style GUIs for LADSPA plugins as well -- which most do not.

(If you don't want dssi-vst to provide LADSPA plugins too, simply do
not install it into the LADSPA plugin directory, install it only in
the DSSI one.)

 * The vsthost program uses jack_client_open instead of
jack_client_new, for more predictable client names.

 * dssi-vst now compiles with gcc 4.3 and is slightly less likely than
previously to crash on startup.

A warning: the new provision of a LADSPA wrapper causes problems when
used with versions of Rosegarden older than 1.7.0.  These versions
support both LADSPA and DSSI plugins, but will use the LADSPA plugin
of a given soname and label in preference to a similarly named DSSI,
causing the DSSI versions of VST effects provided by dssi-vst to be
inaccessible.  Version 1.7.0 of Rosegarden reversed this, and so works
better with this release of dssi-vst.


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