[LAA] [ANN] SLV2 0.6.2

Dave Robillard dave at drobilla.net
Sun Nov 30 20:27:30 EST 2008

SLV2 is a library to make the use of LV2 plugins as simple as possible
for applications.

This is a bugfix release.  0.6.1 failed to recognize any LV2 features.  

Upgrading is strongly recommended.  Let us all just pretend that 0.6.1
never existed.  0.6.1 is not to be invited to any parties.  It will sit
alone for the holidays, cursing haste and drinking alone.

Changes this release:

- Fix feature detection

- Add --no-jack configure flag for building without jack dependency
  (i.e. don't build jack clients; slv2 itself never depends on jack)


Happy Hacking,


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