[LAA] PianoBooster 0.6.2 - See if you are playing ahead or behind the beat.

Louis B. louisjbarman at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 2 05:45:39 EDT 2009

Hi All,

  Piano Booster version 0.6.2 has just been released.  The most
  interesting and innovative thing in this release are timing markers
  which drawn in real-time as you play on the piano keyboard. They
  appear as white crosses that are drawn over each note and they show
  if you are playing ahead or behind the beat. See this screen shot:


  Piano Booster is a new way to learn the piano and is the best way
  to play along with a musical accompaniment. It suitable for both
  the beginner and an advanced player.

  If you have not seen PianoBooster before then look at the screen shot.


  Watch the video of PianoBooster in action on You Tube.


== Features - new to this release ==

  * Change the start bar to start playing from any bar in the music.
  * Repeat bars allows you to practice just a few difficult bars
  * Timing markers are white crosses that are drawn over each note
    and show if you are playing ahead or behind the beat.
  * Adjust the volume of the current part or the volume your piano
  * Latency fix has been added for sound generators that do not work
    in real-time.
  * Mute or un-mute the current part that you are following.
  * A Mac universal binary now available.

== Features - in all versions ==

  * Piano Booster follows your playing when playing along to a
    musical accompaniment. (If you stop then so does the music).
  * Play a single hand and Piano Booster will play the other hand
    in time with you (and will also play the violins, the bass,
    the drums etc. in time with you).
  * Change the speed of playback to match your playing ability.
  * Transpose +/- 12 semitones without stopping the play back.
  * Change the Key Signature of the piece.
  * Plays any standard midi or kar file.
  * Play along to any instrument in the midi file.
  * See the accuracy of you playing.

== PianoBooster Web Site ==

  PianoBooster is a GPL v3 program available for both Linux and
  Windows and now a universal binary for the Mac. Piano Booster is
  hosted on sourceforge and can be downloaded from this page.


L o u i s   J a m e s   B a r m a n

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