[LAA] Jackbeat 0.7.0

Olivier Guilyardi ml at xung.org
Thu Apr 30 14:21:08 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,

After more than a year of development, I'm pleased to announce the release of
Jackbeat 0.7.0.

Grab it from: http://jackbeat.samalyse.org

Jackbeat is an audio sequencer running on Linux and Mac OS X, for musicians
and sound artists:

* Drummachine interface with animations for easy and playful editing
* Built for both composition and live setups with high interactivity needs
* Extremely easy to use but yet powerful by connecting with other
  applications and plugins using JACK and OSC
* Loads and saves .jab files, Jackbeat's xml+tar open file format
* Supports native audio devices, PulseAudio and JACK


* The GUI has been re-designed for the pleasure of the eye and more ergonomy
* New shortcuts, knobs and waveform animation bring more interactivity
* OSC is now supported with a fair amount of methods and events
* Mac OS X integration has been much improved
* ALSA, CoreAudio and PulseAudio are now directly supported in addition to JACK
* Several bugs and usability issues have been fixed
* The internal architecture has been improved

Package maintainers will certainly want to have look at the ChangeLog to learn
about the new dependencies:



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