[LAA] Fwd: Reminder: Opennight#2 - 7:30p Thursday, 3rd Dec 09 @ The Roebuck, 50 Great Dover Street SE1 4YG

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Hey Everybody,
OPenLab OpenNight a night of performances where people can come along and
try out their new stuff in front of an audience, or just have a jam.

So the performances can be from 10-25min, they can be work in progress or
finished pieces, or just anything you want to play in front of an audience.

*Of course all the performances have to use at least some open-source

So for anyone out there who has been working on some stuff or if you have
been doing workshops and want to put your new found skills to the test -
then jump in click the edit button and put your name up ....

Just a reminder for the next OpenLab opennight on this Thursday 3rd December
@ 7:30p, the line up so far is:

* *Rob Munro* : (PD+Processing) (15-20min)
* *Jonny Stutters* : (SuperCollider+Processing) (15mins)
* *Ryan Jordan* : (PD and maybe Arduino, sensors, strobes, but maybe not)
* *Cane Toad Orchestra* : (din, variseq, violin) : 24 minutes
* *Crank* : homespun electronics and software.
* *Andy Farnell* : PD performance.

If you want to join in .. it's never too late, just add yourself on the wiki
or let me know.


*Opennight 3rd December 09: The Roebuck*

50 Great Dover Street SE1 4YG
T. 020 7357 7324
E. info at theroebuck.net
W: http://theroebuck.net
Map: google maps<http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=SE1+4YG&sll=51.536757,-0.098207&sspn=0.010638,0.03253&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=London+SE1+4YG,+United+Kingdom&z=16>

Flyer a bit less low-fi this time. Please distribute everywhere you like.

The attached one is very low quality. There are higher quality images here:

small: http://www.robmunro.net/misc/on2_flyer_sm.png
Large: http://www.robmunro.net/misc/on2_flyer.png

hope to catch you there ...

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