[LAA] [ANN] jack_mixer 7

Frédéric Péters fpeters at 0d.be
Mon Dec 14 09:50:20 EST 2009

jack_mixer is a GTK+ JACK audio mixer app with a look similar to its
hardware counterpart. It has lot of useful features, apart from being
able to mix multiple JACK audio streams.  It is licensed under GPL
version 2 (or later).


Nedko Arnaudov gave me maintenance in October and here comes a first
release since I accepted, hopefully I got everything right.

What changed since version 6?

 * New maintainer, thanks Nedko for everything!
 * New icon by Lapo Calamandrei
 * Option to have a gradient in the vumeters
 * Option to use stock GtkScale widget for volume and balance
 * Rewrite of the C/Python binding (this removed the dependency on SWIG)
 * Improve performance when drawing vumeters
 * New menu items to load/save settings
 * New "Channel Properties" dialog, allowing to change assigned MIDI CCs
 * Automatic post fader outputs for input channels
 * Possibility to add new output channels, besides main mix
 * New "monitor" output, assignable to any output channel, or input
   channel (in which case it will take its prefader volume)
 * Removal of PyXML dependency

Thanks to Nedko Arnaudov, Lapo Calamandrei, Arnout Engelen, and
Krzysztof Foltman for their contributions!

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