[LAA] [ANN] MusE 1.0

Robert Jonsson spamatica at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 11:18:16 EST 2009

Finally it is here, MusE 1.0

This is not the beginning, nor the end, but it marks the
culmination of 10 years of feature packed and bug ridden
development towards the goal of making a good
platform for creating music on the Linux platform

    MusE : http://muse-sequencer.org

[Highlights since 0.9]
* DSSI + Win VST support
* Python remote control API (for wonderful things)
 * some primitive example scripts for live re-sequencing
   included, more to come
* Instrument editor with GS/XG drum controller support
* Part cloning
* Better bounce operations, with Jack freewheel mode support
* Better midi sync output
* Midi controller knobs in pianoroll and drum editor
* Jack transport master timebase function
* External midi filtering support
 write your midi filters in just about anything, including bash
* Denormal protection + limiter
* Record looping overdub, replace, mix support
* Audio optimizations, less CPU usage
* Countless fixes and tweaks, about a 1000 lines in the Changelog,
 check it for a complete list of blood sweat and tears

[What is MusE again?]
MusE is multitrack virtual studio with support for:
* Midi
 (only Alsa yet)
 * internal softsynths, including soundfont player FluidSynth
   and sample player Simple Drums
 * DSSI softsynths, including VST instruments
   * with a patch to DSSI, VST-chunks are handled
 * Drum editor
 * Pianoroll
 * Conventional arranger
 * midi automation
 * and lots more
* Audio
 * Jack
 * Jack transport
 * LADSPA plugins
 * VST plugins through dssi-vst
 * audio automation, old sch00l
 * and lots more


For a complete list of changes, check the ChangeLog in
the package or online at the sourceforge site:


Now, quickly! Test and report so we can provide an 1.0.1 version :)

Have a merry christmas and a happy new year.
The MusE team

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