[LAA] jcgui-0.4 initial release

hermann brummer- at web.de
Wed Dec 23 10:01:08 EST 2009

Hi all

I would announce the release of Jc_Gui.
It's a little host wrapped around the fantastic convolution engine from
Fons Adriaensen called jconvolver (zita-convolver)

What is it for ?

It's designed to search/load and run IR-*.wav files on a local machine
with jconvolver. It include a settings widget, were gain, delay, min/max
mem and mode can set and the used wave file and a part of it
(offset/length) could choosed. 
As default, the min mem is set to your jack frame rate, the max mem is
set to the file length.
Those settings will saved in a config file, and used to start
jconvolver. Jc_Gui itself provide a Stereo Host, with master gain, tone
(bass,middle,high)controllers, balance slider, and for the output to
jconvolver per channel delay and gain controllers, and a wet/dry slider
to mix the output from jconvolver with the original source.

So, you need only to connect Jc_Gui with your in/out put ports, (Jc_Gui
provide a port map there for), and can then load your IR files and start
stop jconvolver easy over the Gui. 
The configurations can saved in presets, to reload them easy.

What isn't it for ?

It's a 2 Channel thing only, you can't make multi channel settings with
this jcgui. 

project page :  http://jcgui.sourceforge.net/
download     :  https://sourceforge.net/projects/jcgui/

enjoy   hermann

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