[LAA] QJackMMC / JackCtlMMC version 3 released

Alex Montgomery apmontgomery at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 06:51:39 EST 2009

A new version of QJackMMC / JackCtlMMC has been released today,
sporting the new ability to select a device ID, a new help system, and
several bug fixes. If you have a MIDI device capable of sending Midi
Machine Code commands, you can use QJackMMC / JackCtlMMC to control
all your JACK-based programs with your external hardware, or even
internal ALSA programs that emit MMC.

The website is here: http://jackctlmmc.sourceforge.net/

The new features include:
- Added device ID support (formerly listened to ID 7f only)
- Added Help->About and Help->What's This
- Made the makefile more robust for easier building
- Fixed Lash startup bug
- Fixed Jack disconnect bug

-- Alex

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