[LAA] [ANN] Jackbeat 0.7.2

Olivier Guilyardi ml at xung.org
Fri Jul 3 12:44:22 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,

A new release of my minimalistic sequencer, namely Jackbeat 0.7.2, is out!

Grab it from: http://jackbeat.samalyse.org


- Track solo controls have been added, OSC bindings included
- Minor file access and user interface bugs have been fixed
- Jackbeat now runs on Windows in addition to Mac OS X and Linux


jackbeat (0.7.2)
    * #14: add filters in file dialogs
    * #18: add track solo controls
    * #37: fix opening jab files whose path contains spaces
    * #39: fix conflict between single-letter shortcuts and UI input
    * win32 support: now cross-compiles on Linux with mingw32
    * wipe temporary directories in a more secure manner
    * fix bogus modified status when changing current track
    * libtool isn't needed anymore
    * some consolidation



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