[LAA] Rivendell v1.3.0

Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Wed Mar 18 09:37:26 EDT 2009

On behalf of the entire Rivendell development team, I'm pleased to announce 
the release of Rivendell v1.3.0.  Rivendell is a full-featured radio 
automation system targeted for use in professional broadcast environments. It 
is available under the GNU General Public License.  Changes in this release 
include (from the NEWS file):

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   Podcast System Enhancements.  Support has been added to allow
   interoperation with third-party podcast traffic measurement and
   verification systems.  It is also now possible to override the default
   ordering of episodes and configure automatic redirection of feed

   RDLogManager Enhancements.  It is now possible to configure log import
   under-/over-fill warnings even for non-autofill events.  When generating
   import warnings, RDLogManager will now warn if the dayparting parameters
   would cause a scheduled event to be unplayable at its scheduled time.  An
   overall length counter has also been added for the Pre- and Post-Import
   lists in the Edit Event dialog.

   New RML.  A new 'Message Box' ['MB'] RML has been added that allows a
   popup message to sent to any Rivendell workstation. (Be sure to see the
   'MESSAGE_BOX.txt' file for information on configuring X11 to work properly
   with this feature).

   RLM Changes.  An 'rlm_album' field has been added to the metadata fields
   and the API version incremented to '1'.  A new plugin ('rlm_ando') has been
   added to allow interconnection with the Ando Media Ad Injector System.

   Bugfixes.  See the ChangeLog for details.

Database Update:
   This version of Rivendell uses database schema version 174, and will
   automatically upgrade any earlier versions.  To see the current schema
   version prior to upgrade, see RDAdmin->SystemInfo.

   As always, be sure to run RDAdmin immediately after upgrading to allow 
   any necessary changes to the database schema to be applied.
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Further information, screenshots and download links are available at:



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