[LAA] phasex-0.12.0-beta4

William Weston weston at sysex.net
Wed Sep 16 05:44:24 EDT 2009


Thank you for all your great feedback on the last two betas! 
phasex-0.12.0-beta4 addresses all of the concerns brought up so far:

Velocity:  Many of you have noticed that velocity and aftertouch 
were completely unsupported.  Now, velocity (with aftertouch) can be 
mapped to directly to oscillators and LFOs (by setting the source), 
used as a modulation source (adjust volume w/ AM or pitch w/ FM), or 
mapped to the filter in the filter-lfo section.

GUI:  Some of you mentioned that the colors were too dark with too 
little contrast, so now there are four GTK theme options:  Dark 
(original purple background), Light (orange background), System (use 
the system GTK theme), and Custom (choose any gtkrc file for your 
theme).  There have also been issues with getting phasex to fit on 
small screens (usually netbooks).  The knob images have been trimmed 
down vertically (just blank pixels), and the padding between widgets
has been almost completely cut out.  The font can be selected in the 
preferences.  Additionally, a true fullscreen mode has been added. 
It is now possible to fit phasex into an 800x600 desktop.

Atom processors:  Compiler optimization flags for the Intel Atom 
processors have been added to the build system.  Run './configure 
--enable-arch=atom' to build for the Atom.  To force 32- or 64-bit 
builds, use 'atom32' or 'atom64'.

The rest is just small tweaks and bugfixes, such as fixing the 
segfault on quit issue, fixing all the compiler warnings, minor 
updates to the build system, new menu items, etc.

As I don't have access to a netbook right now, please let me know 
how it works out with the Atom or other low-power CPU, or on any 
machine with a screen smaller than 1024x768.  Of course, feedback 
from the rest of you is highly welcome, too  ;-}

Visit http://sysex.net/phasex/beta for source tarball, Fedora 11 
RPMS, or Fedora 8 RPMS.


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