[LAA] QXGEdit 0.1.0 - Spring Cleaning Pt.1

Rui Nuno Capela rncbc at rncbc.org
Thu Apr 22 05:51:59 EDT 2010


Even though the Iceland volcanic ash plumes are still messing up the air,
I decided to do some spring cleaning after all and started with what's
laying around here, collecting dust. Bad timing or not, it's now or never.
Über-procrastinator dixit.

Remember that piece of junk that I rig on every desktop which still has
some PCI card slots anyway? If you don't, I'll tell you once more: the
Yamaha DB50XG piggyback. I know it's not easy find those nowadays, but
there's always that auction sites for you to try. Moreover the hosting
sound-cards which exposes a Creatine Labs Waveblaster daughter-board
expansion port, are no easier too. Ah, the good old nineties...

Never mind, so here it goes again:

  QXGEdit 0.1.0 has fallen from the attic! 

This stands as the second public release and who knows what next spring
cleaning will bring ;)



Project page:



- source tarball:

- source package (openSUSE 11.2):

- binary packages (openSUSE 11.2):

- binary packages (Ubuntu 9.10):


- Initial widget geometry and visibility persistence logic has been
slightly revised as much to avoid crash failures due to wrong main widget
hidden state.
- General source tree layout and build configuration change.
- Make build compilation work for gcc >= 4.4.0, by adding some missing
standard C99 includes.
- LADISH Level 1 support has been added: SIGUSR1 signal trap just makes it
a shortcut to File/Save.
- Uservoice (QS300) AmpEG Attack, Decay Level 1 and 2 parameters now have
a bit cleaner, clearer out-of-the-box default values.
- Uservoice (QS300) preset combo-box drop-down list now gets its current
item selection set alright.
- Global configuration state is now explicitly saved/committed to disk
when Options dialog changes are accepted and applied.
- Variation part parameter is now a drop-down combo-box.
- New reset button for reverb, chorus and variation parameters.
- Randomization of all current vparameter values is now available,
allowing for great experimentation and exploration of brand new sound
settings (just try View/Randomize).
- All graphics lines are now slightly gray colored, instead of plain black
or white, or whatever the current theme text color.
- Added user confirmation for QS300 user voice preset replacement; preset
files are not deleted from file-system anymore.

Weblog (upstream support, yours truly):



  QXGEdit is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms of
the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later. 

Cheers && Enjoy
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela
rncbc at rncbc.org

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