[LAA] [ANN] Aqualung 0.9beta11 released

Tom Szilagyi tomszilagyi at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 16:38:09 EST 2010

It is my pleasure to announce the latest release of Aqualung,
an advanced, cross-platform, gapless music player.

This release adds some features and many bugfixes - all users
are encouraged to upgrade.

Please see the Aqualung website for general information,
downloads, documentation etc: http://aqualung.factorial.hu

The Win32 build is up-to-date with the release. The OSX bundle
will be updated at a later time.

The release changelog is listed below.


* * *

Aqualung 0.9beta11

* Add PulseAudio support as contributed by PCMan plus a few minor

* Added option for starting Aqualung hidden in tray. Useful when
  running Aqualung automatically after login.

* Implement auto roll to active track functionality. Thanks to Chris
  Craig for the excellent patch.

* Support new Musepack API (patch by Yavor Doganov)

* New keybinding: Ctrl-S to stop after currently playing song has
  ended. Thanks to cobines for the patch.

* Add support for more versatile mouse-systray interaction. Thanks to
  cobines for the excellent patch.

* Added support for new GtkTooltip API (since 2.12). Fixed tooltip
  disappearing issue because of too frequent tooltip updates.

* Automatically add/remove stores when they become available or
  disappear (most likely due to mount/unmount operations). Modified
  stores will not be removed automatically.

* Add support for an application_title lua function separate from the
  playlist_title lua function, so that the window title and the main
  title label of the player is configurable from Lua.

* Don't require restart to update programmable title format file

* Don't use sndfile's Ogg decoder (always use native Ogg library)

* Fix FFmpeg headers detection in configure script

* Fix compiler warnings on 64 bit. Thanks to Zoltan Kovacs for the

* Fix crash on 64 bit when Aqualung is compiled without SRC support
  and file contains metadata. Thanks to Zoltan Kovacs for tracking the
  problem and providing the patch.

* Fixed crash when pasting into playlist without copying first (empty

* Fix a suspected regression: space toggles state of combined
  play/pause button when a file is loaded.

* Fix lockup at end of playlist.

* Fixed a crash that occurred when clicked on a picture of a file in
  the File Info dialog and the file format did not support metadata.

* Fix playlist column size allocation by eliminating manual/delayed
  calculations and utilizing the built-in COLUMN_AUTOSIZE feature

* Fix crash when invoking the File Info dialog for an MPEG internet

* Fix inversion of enabled/diasbled state of tooltips.

* Fix crash when loading .m3u with invalid filename.

* Updated translations: German, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian

* New translations:
    Japanese by Norihiro Yoneda
    French by Julien Lavergne

* Up-to-date user documentation

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