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*OpenLab OpenNight*

Open night is a night of performances where people can come along and try
out their new open-source based creations in front of an audience, or just
have a jam (e.g. wife swap, etc). Anyone is free to join in - just add your
name on the wiki page (
http://www.pawfal.org/openlabwiki/index.php?page=OpenNight) or get in
contact on the mailing list (
http://lists.pawfal.org/listinfo.cgi/openlab-pawfal.org) or send us a mail
to rrmunro at gmail.

Performances can be from 10-25min, they can be work in progress or finished
pieces, or just anything you want to play in front of an audience. It good
to know how long they will be so we can fit as many in as possible.

*About OpenLab London*

Openlab is a loose collective of artists centred around London, UK, who use
and develop open source software and technology for music, art, noise,
performances, and just about anything else they feel like doing with it.
Openlab organises performances, talks, workshops, events, and beer-y
meetings across the UK for like-minded individuals to share and exchange
ideas and let loose their creative inner daemons.  Our main mission, besides
being a support group/drinking club, is to promote the use of open source
software and media by demonstrating how damn cool it is.

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