[LAA] Klactoveedsedstene - a new MPlayer Frontend

viggo simonsen viggo.simonsen at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 08:53:11 EST 2010

Hi all,

I am happy to announce that a new Mplayer frontend for Linux has been

*Klactoveedsedstene* is an Audio Player frontend to the popular
Mplayer engine, written in Java.

It is very fast, light, simple - and with an advanced support for Album Art.
It recognizes embedded Album Art, and is also mostly able to find the
correct Album Art from the
Internet, based on the "Artist" and "Album" ID3-tags

Fast and compact
Advanced Album Art support with over 90% accuracy.
Select and Play
All-in-one window
Drag and Drop music into the library
Supports MP3 and WMA
Highly configurable
Stateful (remembers your window settings)
All parts of the GUI can be colored
Album-Artist-Track view
All track columns sortable and movable

Have a look, and a try at
*http://www.klactoveedsedstene.com* <http://www.klactoveedsedstene.com>
It can be launched directly from the Web Site, using Java Web Start -
or by clicking here <http://www.klactoveedsedstene.com/JWS_launch.php>
(requires Java JRE 6+)

Best regards
Viggo Simonsen
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