[LAA] [ANN] MusE 1.0.1

Robert Jonsson spamatica at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 06:12:59 EST 2010

Hello folks,
Right on the heels of big One-O we've decided to release a minor
update with some corrections, main features being some package
improvements and a midi timing issue when running under very high

    MusE : http://muse-sequencer.org

[Fixes since 1.0]
* Removed: Disabled watchdog thread. (T356)
* Changed/Fixed: Thread priorites: Added command line switches
 for audio (-P) and midi (-Y). (T356)
  - Audio (-P) applies to dummy driver only.
    (Else audio priority is fixed by Jack).
 Fixes potential issue with midi timing when MusE was assigned
 a very high priority.
* Added: Enable/disable LASH command line switch (-L),
 (if LASH support is compiled in). (T356)
  - Helps prevent some issues like auto-starting Jack, or
  automatically routing midi to fluidsynth (observed).
* Fixed: BUG ID: 2879426: *.med does not save meta event types. (T356)
* Fixed: Midi meters now show for each track even if they're all on
 same device and channel. (T356)
* Applied: muse-destdir.patch Scripts and utils packaging fix
 submitted by Orcan Ogetbil. (T356)
* Fixed: python detection exchanged for script from http://libvirt.org/ (rj)
* Feature: Jack transport enable/disable in Midi Sync settings window.
 Stores setting per-song. (T356)
 - Should be Ok to use and test. Needs a bit more work. See jack.cpp
 and jackaudio.h
* Fixed: Speedups of audio pre-fetch especially when moving the cursor
 around (seeking). (T356)

[What is MusE again?]
MusE is multitrack virtual studio with support for:
* Midi
 (only Alsa yet)
 * internal softsynths, including soundfont player FluidSynth
   and sample player Simple Drums
 * DSSI softsynths, including VST instruments
   * with a patch to DSSI, VST-chunks are handled
 * Drum editor
 * Pianoroll
 * Conventional arranger
 * midi automation
 * and lots more
* Audio
 * Jack
 * Jack transport
 * LADSPA plugins
 * VST plugins through dssi-vst
 * audio automation, old sch00l
 * and lots more


For a complete list of changes, check the ChangeLog in
the package or online at the sourceforge site:


The MusE team

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