[LAA] Denemo 0.8.18 Release - Free and Open Music Notation Editor

Nils Hammerfest nils at hammerfeste.com
Thu Jul 8 13:50:43 UTC 2010

Get Denemo 0.8.18 http://denemo.org/index.php/Get_Denemo 

Release Notes:

-Default behavior is now non-modal 
 * You can choose one out of four Shortcut systems, including the "Classic" one.
 * an easy to understand and very slick interface via keyboard 
 * seamless integration with MIDI controllers 

-Better Paste command. 
-Musical Snippets - store musical riffs/motifs to be pasted at will or as rhythmic templates for playing over.

Maximize the space for the score (with/without user's choice of menus). 
 * Standard View - window size, zoom, number of systems etc
 * No-Menu version of this view
 * Page View - user chooses a window size, zoom and number of systems, which is stored with the movement for instant recall.
 * Single keyboard shortcut for toggling between these views (Esc by default).

-MIDI transport work for JACK users.
-Fix Chord Symbols for music starting with triplets, grace notes etc.
-Fix display of dotted rests
-Arbitrary Tuplets built in: correct MIDI output as well as engraving, of course.
-Diatonic Transposition: Shift notes and chords up and down respecting the current key signature.
-Support for figured bass extenders, including those with no starting figure.
-Cursor can be highlighted, making it easier to locate
-Page turning is animated: as the last line starts to play, the page visibly turns at the top.
-Purely rhythmic notes playback using percussion - click tracks more easily generated.
-Split Notes and Chords to smaller notes while preserving the original duration (make a quarter note two 8th or tuplet of 8th or 7-tuplet)
-Duplicate a Note or Chord as command
-Command line interface for interactive scheme use
-Support for the "French" clef (G on bottom line)

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